Residential Services

Every pest problem is different.

You don’t always know you have a pest problem until it is too late. Household pests like ants, cockroaches, and rodents can ruin your property and even be a danger to your health. When this happens, our pest specialist can take care of that for you. We don’t just do removal, we also do protection, so even if you don’t have a pest problem, you’ll be prepared to avoid one.

At Sherwood Pest Control, we

  • Inspect and identify what type of pest you have and the reason for them.
  • We observe for any sanitation issues or structural impairments that may have allowed the presence of the pest.
  • We evaluate which service would be best to deal with the infestation considering your home type and geography.
  • We reschedule a day (as certain services tend to take more time) for our specialist to come in and deal with the pest.
  • We don’t just stop there. We follow-up with you to make sure your pest problem has not returned. If it has, then we re-evaluate and come up with another solution.

Again, we are not satisfied with the job until you are satisfied with our service.

Commercial Services

Pests are found everywhere; it does not matter what type of business you are in. If you have employees who require a lunch room, or even eat at their desk, you most likely are going to have pests. Best case scenario is to prevent it. If you are worried that your company is just begging for an infestation, call us and we will come in and help you safeguard it from unwanted clients.

Just like our services when you do have pest, we come in and go over your businesses inch by inch. Just like how pests don’t care what type of business you are, they also don’t care where they nest. We search for any possible indications that you may be “inviting guests”, such as an unclean lunch room or nooks and crannies that may be big enough for pests to scamper through; vents, or cracks in the walls or floors.

Whether you do or don’t have pests, we will work with you through your concerns. Even after our evaluation, removal/extermination or even consultation, we will follow up to ensure that we did our job correctly. Our follow-ups can be a single visit; however, as businesses are often chaotic and…. well, busy, that you are unable to check these things yourself, we recommend a scheduled monthly follow-up.